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Welcome to AFI Benefits new Shopping Cart process that has been developed to simplify your health plan selections and enrollment. Once you’ve entered your personal Shopping Cart, you’ll be able to view new plan options, add them to your Shopping Cart and then return at any time to complete the enrollment process. There are several different options for consideration for those of you who are new to Medicare.

If you are making coverage elections for the first time with AFI Benefits, we will ask you to confirm your personal information before entering your Shopping Cart. Please answer any questions that are unanswered and confirm that your Health Information Claim Number (HICN) found on your Medicare card is correct and that the Part A and Part B effective dates are also correct. If any of these numbers are incorrect it is likely that your enrollment will be delayed and ultimately rejected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). After you’ve completed this screen you will then enter your Shopping Cart. From here you will be able to view and add any plan options for Health Care, Prescription Drug Coverage (PDP) and Dental/Vision. You may “Add to Cart” any selections that you wish to enroll in. If you are working with Group Dynamic Inc. (GDI), any plan elections that you make through AFI Benefits will result in Automatic Reimbursement from GDI of any insurance premium that is due.


Your Benefit Specialist is available to assist with your decision making process and enrollment. You may contact your Benefit Specialist toll free at (888) 234-6578. Good luck with your selection process and thank you for your trust in AFI Benefits. Please proceed to your Shopping Cart.


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